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• Armenia is like a cancer…

 Armenia – Georgia


“Armenia is like a cancer on body of South Caucasus which needs to be removed”

Thu 24 November 2011

72756News.Az interviews Guram Markhulia, doctor of historical sciences, Professor at Sukhumi State University, holder of Taraggi medal of Azerbaijan.

Mr.Markhulia Rajenovic, though belatedly, I want to congratulate you on being awarded with Taraggi medal and a diploma of Honored Doctor of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences History Institute.

Thank you. I am proud that Mr. Ilham Aliyev awarded me Taraggi medal for merits in strengthening friendship between the two people and development of Azerbaijani diaspora.

You give interviews to Azerbaijani media quite often, stand for fair resolution of Karabakh conflict and expose essence of Armenian expansionism in the South Caucasus. It is natural that your stance causes resentment of Armenian nationalists both in Armenia and Georgia. Have Armenians ever threatened you?

Of course. I am threatened both via e-mail and cell phone. They call and threaten me. I sometimes feel spying behind me. Once Tbilisi woman of Armenian origin called me and screamed that I deceive Georgian students by telling them the truth about Karabakh conflict and ostensibly I have no right to teach. Armenians have even changed my surname. They write everywhere that my surname is not Markhulia, but Aliyev. I don’t mind, let them call me this way.

And what is the reaction of Georgian students when you tell them about Karabakh conflict?

Unfortunately, the problem is that the Georgian public, particularly, young people, are poorly informed about causes and consequences of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.

And who is blame for this?

The society is to blame. I don’t tend to blame Azerbaijan for poor awareness of Georgian society about its neighbor. Ideology is a major tool of a country which is in a state of an undeclared war by Armenia. In this respect, the great share of responsibility lies with societies and media of both countries.

If would better to translate Azerbaijani media materials about Karabakh and falsifications of Armenia into the Georgian language to provide an access to similar information for our public. For example, I write my books in Russian language. Others should also be aware of my problems. Georgians already know them.

That is why I am more popular abroad rather in Georgia. You should not be limited only to information space of your country. At one time we did the same in case of Abkhazia. We wrote down its history in Georgian language. Did we need this? Georgia already knew that Abkhazia is Georgian territory.  But Abkhaz people wrote their history in Russian language. As a result, we ended up in Tbilisi (Markhulia was born and raised in Sukhumi.) Now we are facing a new problem – Javakhetia.  Armenians write about their lies about Javakhetia in a number of languages while Georgians find it bothersome.

Seeing how Armenian media extensively highlights the theme of Javakhetia, one concludes that Armenians around the world seek to realize Karabakh scenario there.  We witness the same talks about “hard socioeconomic situation”, “no possibility to receive education in Armenian.”  How sensible is Georgia in Javakhetia issue?

Armenians are going ahead with their misdeeds while we hope for assistance of world community instead of relying on our power in this matter.

Armenia did not exist in the south Caucasus at all till 1918. There are no heroes of Armenian origin in Georgia. We have heroes of Azerbaijani and other origins who have fought in the name of Georgia. Armenians have always betrayed us. Let’s cite Abkhazia war as example.

I had Armenian neighbors. But once the war started, they immediately set up Armenian battalion and began to fight against us, Georgians. Now Armenians live in my own house in Sukhumi. This nation cannot be reeducated. Betrayal and treachery run in their blood.

You’re one of those who, not being Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani citizen, tries to tell the truth, in your case, to the Georgian society about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Karabakh. What made ​​you take up this issue this issue so seriously?

I have already noted above that an Armenian, who swore eternal friendship to me, now lives in my house in Sukhumi. And when they began to drive us out, my neighbor, like other Armenians in Abkhazia, was happy at this. And then I began to search for the cause behind this behavior and study the history of the Armenian people. Initially, I did not think that I will explore the issue of Karabakh. I studied the history of the Georgian-Armenian relations.

My thesis is devoted to just this relationship. Gradually widening focus of my research, I touched on Karabakh issue and began to study the origins of the conflict. And I realized that Armenians in Karabakh treated Azerbaijanis in the same way they did it in Abkhazia.

I began to work in this direction and Armenians immediately began to claim that Azerbaijanis have bought me out. But I have nothing – no car, no home. All have remained in Sukhumi.

Armenia is like a cancer on the body of the South Caucasus which needs to be amputated. At the time this tumor was removed from another region, but after a while this tumor appeared on our native land – the South Caucasus. Now the Armenians make constant claims about the “Armenian churches” in Georgia.

But let me say that there are no Armenian churches in Georgia. Armenians have appropriated Georgian churches. Armenians are heretics. No one would allow heretics to build any church in Georgia. The Georgian people have fought, died in the fighting and lands which emptied as a result were immediately settled by Armenians. So, “Armenian” churches appeared instead of destroyed Georgian churches. And now they cannot prove anything. Now there is even some sort of “Armenian Republic of Abkhazia.” It is already the 28th Armenia in the world.

Here is another example of “neighborhood” of Armenians. Tunnel for the railway is under construction from Akhalkalaki to Batumi. Armenians signed an agreement with the Georgian side on export of soil, which would become redundant as a result of construction of the tunnel, to Armenia. The soil was exported to Armenia, and we suddenly found out that it was rich in gold and silver. Armenians knew about it. That is why they were so eager to transport this to Armenia.

Do you believe Azerbaijan and Georgia will soon restore their territorial integrity?

Of course, this would happen one day. But we will have to wait too long until Russia leaves South Caucasus.

Timur Huseynov





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